DIY Sonic + Tails Kids Costume | No-Sew

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I can do a lot of things. Sewing is definitely not one of them yet for some reason I convince myself that I should DIY my kids Halloween costumes every year. The past couple of years have been a breeze (pants, shirt, hat, done) but this year my boys have decided that they want to be classic video game characters from when I was younger: Sonic and Tails.

I started my search where I seem to always start my search: Amazon and Etsy. Here’s everything that I ordered for this no-sew costume (tap the picture below for links):

To make the fox tails for Tails I used spray adhesive to glue 2 pieces of orange fleece together.

Then using a stencil made out of cardboard, I traced my tail design onto the fleece, then cut it out. Make sure to leave some extra at the top so you can attach them at the end.

For the white tip, I used the same technique. Glued 2 pieces of fleece together, traced the end of the tail, then simply cut out a jagged design to give it the look of a fox tail. Use the spray adhesive to attach it to the tail and you’re done.

Sonic’s tail was much simpler. Again I glued 2 pieces of blue felt together, then cut it out with my fabric scissors, and again I made sure to leave an extra inch at the top so I could attach it to the pants.

I used my Cricut to create vinyl stencils and painted the belly’s of both characters. If you don’t have access to a Cricut don’t panic! You could easily create a stencil using some painters tape. For Sonic I used the color Parchment, and Tails I used Wicker White. Make sure you remove your stencil while the paint is still wet.

For the hair on Tails I used another small section of the orange felt and glued 2 pieces together. This time however, I placed 3 small pipe cleaners (one for each spike of hair) in between to keep the hair in place and to make it more of a poseable feature.

I used Sleek and Thin Adhesive Velcro strips to attach everything to the costume. The adhesive is perfect for fabric and is strong enough to go through the wash. The best part is there’s no sewing required!

A little ingenuity and a few hours later, Sonic and Tails are ready to go! I’m completely obsessed with how these came together. Thanks to Velcro, we are trick or treat ready!

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